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- MYCLIENT is the only automated software for the Migration & Education industry which intergrates all your daily admin tasks, financial reports, legal contracts, client management system and staff tracker on a single platform.

- To ensure all your data is free from cyber attacks and online threats, our software is server-based meaning that you can save it on your own server and access it from anywhere or have us manage it for you.

- MYCLIENT was built by a team of Migration, Education, Accounting and Legal experts from India and Australia so you can be assured each funciton of the software has been designed by industry experts and tailored to simplifly and ensure compliance of all legal and reporting business obligations.

- All the tabs and search filters in MYCLIENT 247 can be customised to the requirements of your business.


No. We highly encourage everyone who is interested in MYCLIENT 247 to use our FREE trial. If you feel it works for you, after the free period you'll be able to choose form one of our amazing packages!

Simply head to the Free Trial page on our website and register now. From there you will receive an email with all the details about how to install MYCLIENT on your device.


You will be able to register an unlimited number of accounts within your Business Owner profile. For each employee using MYCLIENT you will be required to pay the subscription cost of $45 + GST per month.


We take data privacy and security very seriously. We use MSSQL Server Express Edition and the latest security protection systems to ensure all data and changes are backed up every four (4) hours.

Whilst we take all precautions to ensure all data is sage and secure, we encourage all users to have their own anti-virus and/or security installed on their devices.

We take the utmost responsibility to ensure that all your data is protected agaisnt cyber threats and viruses. All of our services are equipped with the latest security software. Alternatively, you can place the software on your own business server as well. All of our backups are done regularly at 4 hour intervals.


Once you sign up for a Free Trial, you will receive an email with the instructions on how to install MYCLIENT on your device. A member of our team will be able to assist you with installing MYCLIENT on your device. Please note there are certain system requirements which your device must have in order for MYCLIENT to operate effectively on your device. Please see our System Requirements page on the website for more information.

You will receive access to all of the modules included in our paid package whilst you are on our free trial.

Yes, as we create new modules they will automatically be updated on your software as well.