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Australia's 1st All-in-one
Client Management Solution
for Migration and Education Professionals

Top 6 Benefits:

1. Automate all your legal contracts
2. Generate accounting reports with one click
3. Manage all client bookings, applications and documents in one place
4. Track staff progress and performance
5. Accelerate your lead generation
6. Stay up-to-date with Australian compliance regulations


You have access to all these modules and more:

Appointment Module
  • Book online appointments into calendar
  • Automate email and text reminders to clients
  • Easily collect payments with bookings
Client Module
  • User defined categories
  • Track entire client history
  • Automate letters, contracts, client reports
Education Module
  • Record agent contracts and rates
  • Capture and manage leads
  • Auto generate clients/college reports
Recruitment Module
  • Record Employers, Businesses, Clients, Sponsors
  • Auto generate resumes
  • Auto match candidates to vacancies
Tracking Module
  • Track all tasks to be completed
  • Reminders for expiring requests/documents
  • Track payments and follow up with ease
Contract Module
  • Create new contracts in minutes
  • Manage all contracts signed/pending
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
Document Module
  • Automatically save incoming attachments
  • Record lodged and pending applications
  • Auto-fill applications
Form Module
  • Import data from MYCLIENT to customised forms
  • Update and manage user details/User master
  • Email letters directly to client or DIBP
Payment Module
  • Automate invoices and receipts
  • Record payments to authorities/DIBP
  • Manage refunds and issue receipts
Client Report Module
  • Entire client history and tracking
  • Search client database with custom filters
  • Generate reports based on custom filter
Accounting Module
  • Manage internal account transfers
  • Create user defined ledger reports
  • Contra and journal entries
Financial Module
  • Auto generate each client's account reports
  • Save and view monthly reconciliation reports
  • Reconcile cash/non-cash transactions
Marketing Module
  • Send personalised automated emails
  • Automate e-marketing campaigns
  • Share gift-vouchers and promotions
Employee Module
  • Send SMS and Desktop reminders/messages
  • Weekly/monthly reports on employee's performance
  • Track employee client conversion rate
Bonus Module
  • Staff management system
  • User tracker
  • Daily productivity reports